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Frequently Asked Questions


The following is a list of questions that are often asked when new clients call or come in.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions that are not addressed here.  


Do you require a contract? 


Unlike some of our competitors, Massage Associates does NOT require a contract or the purchase of any kind of package.


What forms of payment do you accept? 


We accept cash, checks (with proper identification and a current phone number), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Can I purchase a gift certificate for a specific service or monthly special?


Gift Certificates may be purchased for exact dollar amounts.  Because prices for services and specials are subject to change, a gift certificate may not be purchased for either of these items specifically.


What can I expect from my massage?


Sessions differ from practice to practice.  For a fairly detailed breakdown of what you can expect from a session at Massage Associates, please see our blog post "What to expect when you go for massage".


Will I have to get undressed?


 Only to your level of comfort.  That means, if you are comfortable removing all of your clothing, no problem.  If you prefer, as some people do, to keep your underwear on, no problem.  If you want to remain completely clothed, no problem.  Just keep in mind that clothing may affect the therapist’s ability to work.


Will I be covered during the massage?  


Yes.  The only time a body part below the neck will be uncovered is if it is being worked on.  Otherwise, you will always be covered by, at a minimum, a sheet.  Most of the time, a blanket will also be used. 


Do I have to remain covered? 


Yes.  At a minimum, a sheet is required.  In some juridsictions that is the law.  It is also an important part of maintaining boundaries and “safe” space for both the client and the therapist.


How long will my session last? 


Unlike so many other places today, at Massage Associates, the hands-on time for your session will last for the length of time that you schedule for.  We do not begin timing the massage until that first moment we make contact with you on the table.  The exception to that rule would be if the client is late or there is an emergency of some sort. 


Does massage hurt?  


No.  Even with deep tissue massage, the work should NOT hurt!  If it does, please let your massage therapist know so that they can make the appropriate adjustments.


How often should I get massage?


This will vary from person to person based on circumstances and body tissues.  No two bodies, massages or massage therapists are 100% alike; even from day to day and week to week, a body will receive and react massage differently.  Talk to your massage therapist after the session and ask what their recommendation would be.  All of the therapists at Massage Associates are happy to work with you to create a plan that will meet your needs.


Is there a time I should NOT get massage?


If you are dealing with something contagious like a cold, it is best to reschedule your massage for a time when your body is not directing so much of its efforts toward fighting an invader. It is possible for a massage to heighten your symptoms.


Is there a minimum age requirement to receive massage?


At Massage Associates, we are happy to work with people of  all ages.  Minors must be accompanied by an adult to and from the first session. 


Do you offer a military discount?


Massage Associates is pleased to offer a 10% dicount every day* as a thank you to our servicemen and women.  We salute you for your hard work, dedication and patriotism; thank you for all that you do!


*Valid military I.D. required.


Can I use multiple discounts?


Only one discount or special can be applied per appointment; the offer providing the most savings will be selected.


What is your cancellation policy?


At least 24 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel appointments. After that window has been breached, a $50 fee will be incurred.