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We are pleased to carry a selection of products that will further enhance our clients' well-being between visits!

CBD (cannibidiol) products

CBD is helpful for many health conditions, including inflammation, depression, anxiety, pain, and more. 

These fantastic CBD products are available for purchase in our office. We always love to see our clients but understand that you cannot always make it here. In an effort to continue making you a priority, if your find yourself in need of relief delivered to your doorstep, you are welcome to order directly from our suppliers, MyNutra.com or Noetic Nutraceuticals. The promotional code for Noetic Nutraceuticals is massageassociates.

CBD & Copaiba Facial Cream                                              $60 
           (1.7 Fl oz / 333 CBD)
Our unique CBD and Copaiba (Beta Caryophyllene - BCP) ingredients work on a neurological level to modulate inflammation through the immune system.  CBD and BCP help with dry, irritated skin and reduce inflammation, puffiness, and other blemishes.

Optimize Hemp oil 

1 Fluid oz, 1050 mg                                                           $125

Optimize, our most popular product, is a phyto-nutrient rich hemp oil blended with grape seed oil and hemp seed oil.  This product is great for those who wish to take a higher level of CBD to further reduce inflammation, pain, or address other issue.  It is also recommended for those who wish to move to a higher quality, better tasting, lab-tested product.

Soothe Everything Skin Salve 

100 mg  CBD                                                                       $23

Massage our CBD Soothe Everything Skin Salve into your skin to ease muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and to  relieve dry irritated skin.  Made with a blend of premium CBD oil, eucalyptus, comfrey root, and lavender. Gentle enough for all ages. For external use only.

Freeze-Eaze Spray 

1 Fluid oz, 300 mg CBD                                                      $40

The relief is almost instant and it's real! Freeze-Eaze allows your body to override pain sensation by directly affecting the neurological system and decreasing inflammation. A great product for those with severe or chronic pain or inflammation.

CBD Nano Bursts                                                                $50

Nanotechnology CBD Nano Bursts™, with NO THC, give you the highest absorption rate (90-95%) of CBD on the market and use only organic, natural, and vegan ingredients. Nano Bursts™ quick absorption maximizes the effects you are looking for with CBD to help bring your Endocannabinoid System back to balance.

5mg CBD Nano Bursts = Approx. 25mg CBD effectiveness due to quick absorption.

Hemp Cream                                                 

Trial Size, 50 mg CBD                                                           $10

4 oz jar, 400mg CBD                                                             $50      

The world’s only hemp cream made from the whole plant and that is not from chemically extracted CBD oil. Use this product for skin irritations, rash, eczema, muscle aches, inflammation and other topical needs. This product has a hint of cinnamon aroma.

21 Drops

Essential Oil Roll-Ons                                                           $20      

Each essential oil has unique molecules with incredible properties that can heal your everyday ailments. They will help reduce stress, fight the flu, increase concentration, manage pain, detoxify your body and even help you get a good night’s sleep.

21 Drops

Essential Oil Trio Gift Set                                                     $25     
The perfect essential oil blend kit to keep you on the go throughout the day.