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September 10, 2018

February 14, 2017

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May 22, 2018

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Getting the most out of your massage

September 15, 2017


Welcome back! Have you been enjoying the cooler temperatures? We hope so! Fall — and our amazing October treat bonanza! — are right around the corner! Our annual Massage Associates Pumpkin Patch gives you the perfect excuse to come in more often during October since you get a treat for every session throughout the month. But what about after that? Will the stress of the coming holiday season make it harder for you to come in regularly? If your answer was “Yes!”, don’t go anywhere because this blog is going to be full of useful tips. Was your response “No way!”? Congratulations, you are a massage pro but you’re still likely to find something useful ahead so we invite you to stick around. Now, let’s chat about how to make the most of your sessions!


There are a few easy things you can do to ensure that your upcoming massage is going to be just what you need. Some of them are steps you probably already take but others may surprise you. First, on your way here, take a second to do a quick check-in with your body. Is there anything you are especially aware of that you want a bit of focused work on? Have you been particularly stressed and feel it in your shoulders or neck? Do you just want to relax? You don’t need to show up with a specific plan but our job is to work with you to tailor your session for your needs that day. Even a quick check-in might surprise you and change what you want from your session.


Next, and this can make a huge difference to every single massage you have, is speak up. If the room feels a little chilly or the table’s too warm, let us know! Is the pressure too deep or not deep enough? Talk to us! Music not to your taste or the volume needs adjusting? We’re not going to know unless you tell us! You’re not going to hurt our feelings if you give us your feedback during the session. Feedback isn’t limited to changes or challenges either; if you find something particularly effective or useful, let us know that as well. Your body will tell us some things but the rest we learn from talking with you. Communication between us is a big part of what makes a session successful. Of course, if you find yourself super relaxed and drifting off to sleep, that tells us something too!


Another key to a fantastic massage: don’t worry about being helpful. We’re not suggesting you give up your volunteer work or stop donating to your favorite non-profit; there are times though when we need to lift your head or move your limbs. As much as possible, just relax and let us do the work. We appreciate that you might feel the desire to help us but it can be counter to the work we are doing. Trust us to take care of you; that’s one of the reasons you come to us!


Have you ever found yourself wishing you had something comfy to wear after your session? Just because you might arrive in work clothes doesn’t mean you have to climb back into them after your massage. Why not bring a change of clothes if you don’t have to head back to work afterwards? It’s an easy way to stay relaxed and, for some people, it’s a great way to stay warm, especially as the weather starts to cool off.


Do you ever find yourself pulled out of the “post-massage zone” by practical details like paying for the session or scheduling your next one? You’re not the only one and, if we are completely honest, we’ve all had the same experience at one time or another. If you find that is a regular occurrence for you, it might be worth writing a check or having a card chosen before your session. You can also schedule an appointment in advance. That way you’ll have less things competing to pull you out of that sense of post-session bliss.


We love knowing that Massage Associates provides an amazing experience and that our sessions make a difference for you. At the core of everything, that is what makes our day and we thank you for the opportunity to provide a 5-star service! Have other tips for getting the most out of your session? Share them in the comments below!


Let us make you a priority!



Inspired by articles in ABMP’s BodySense, Summer 2017 ed.









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